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Details, planning and scheduling are the biggest factors in delivering on any construction project. We pride ourselves on paying attention to every detail, planning every step and area of the project, scheduling every phase and subcontractor in a realistic, comfortable fashion that produces a quality and timely product. Over the years we have developed a team of the best group of subcontractors that share and maintain the same quality of workmanship and business ethics that we do here at Sun Builders. We need the structure and comfort of any association to be such as to not compromise or jeopardize any of our standards. Quality workmanship, quality building material and components, and the straight forward, honest, uncomplicated win-win way of doing business is paramount.

We look forward to pursuing a relationship and the possibility of working together to produce quality homes at an affordable price.

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Concept & Design

We work thru Concept and Design to help integrate energy efficiency into stunning elevations. We have in house craftsman to bring your custom home dream to reality.


We can also do both solar power and thermal heating to maximize energy savings.


Sun Builders, Inc. has an in-house framing division. We maintain the highest standard in quality workmanship. We pride ourselves on superior production with the emphasis on quaility. We get done and we do it right the first time.


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Build The House Of Your Dreams


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