Our History:

Sun Builders, Inc. is a Delaware based corporation that has been in business for over 15 years. We are a small, word of mouth custom home builder who prides ourselves on building one home at a time, concentrating on the individual home buyer and their specific needs. It is our goal to design and construct top quality homes that give comfort in living and will last for a lifetime. We believe that maintaining the highest standards of materials and business ethics are especially important in our business. We are not building structures; we are fulfilling dreams. It is our goal to offer a quality product and always deliver on our commitments.

Energy Efficiency:

We work closely with our architect and designer to produce an energy efficient home that will receive or exceed the energy star rating. We can also incorporate both solar power and heating for further energy savings. It is our intention to offer the very best in material and components in each and every one of our homes.

One of Our Secrets:

Sun Builders has an in-house framing company developed to maintain a pool of quality carpenters that would be on staff to call on to produce custom carpentry. In order to keep these carpenters busy year round, we take on outside framing contracts. By maintaining the same qualities and standards set in Sun Builders custom houses, the framing demand of Sun Builders framers has grown. It has given us a tremendous opportunity to work with many other builders and developers, allowing us to see what other products are out there and the standards that are set in bigger companies in the industry. It is a big advantage to have the in-house ability to produce quality work in a timely manner.

What Matters Most:

Details, planning and scheduling are the biggest factors in delivering on any construction project. We pride ourselves on paying attention to every detail, planning every step and area of the project, scheduling every phase and subcontractor in a realistic, comfortable fashion that produces a quality and timely product. Over the years we have developed a team of the best group of subcontractors that share and maintain the same quality of workmanship and business ethics that we do here at Sun Builders. We need the structure and comfort of any association to be such as to not compromise or jeopardize any of our standards. Quality workmanship, quality building material and components, and the straight forward, honest, uncomplicated win-win way of doing business is paramount.

We look forward to pursuing a relationship and the possibility of working together to produce quality homes at an affordable price. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss your upcoming project!

We are a licensed and insured builder and registered in New Castle, Kent and Sussex counties and also a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB), the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and the Home Builders’ Association of Delaware.